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What does good really look like for Board evaluations?

boardroom evaluations interview

Podcast transcribed: Starting: Board evaluations. What does good really look like? Part 1. The corporate governance code in the UK’s blueprint for corporate governance codes worldwide. Nowhere else is the practice of conducting board evaluations more advanced. Nowhere else do more boards of listed organizations conduct board evaluations on a regular basis. I’m delighted to talk with Maurine Beresford, head…

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Effective Management of Megaprojects

megaproject management

We are all familiar with projects and what they entail. But megaprojects take it a few notches higher. For instance, a project could involve a single team of people collaborating in the same location. However, megaprojects are usually hugely complex projects larger than $1 billion, involving teams with various skillsets across the globe. Megaprojects are the pathway to solving most…

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The 7 Pointers of An Effective Board – Creating Effective Boards

Effective Board performace

There are enough discussions on the mirage of challenges boards face already, including the need to run an organisation in the face of the pandemic, the emergence of disruptive challenges, and changing demographics and associated geopolitical risks. Having a fully-functional and effective board is non-negotiable, especially in light of recent corporate failures. Here are a few important talking points on…

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