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The Role of the Board in the Age of Digital Transformation (Transcribed).

Sabine: The role of the board in the age of digital transformation. Technology adoption has driven massive change for all organisations. Today’s boards must steer their organisations through digital transformation and support their management team, who are facing great opportunities and massive threats. Welcome to the Better Boards Podcast series. In this episode, I am delighted to talk with Lisa…

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Integrating Inclusion And Different Perspectives In The Boardroom

boardroom inclusion

Inclusion is considered an important culture in any workplace. The conversation about integrating inclusion and allowing different perspectives to thrive in a workplace has been around for long enough. With an inclusive company culture, there are no unconscious biases and employees always feel included irrespective of who they are or what they identify themselves as. Article by Board Effectiveness Review…

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Effective Collaboration Between Executives And Non-Executives In The Boardroom


Executives and non-executives both contribute to board effectiveness. But interestingly, the fact that a group of people with spelt out roles come together to achieve a common purpose, often with sincerity, does not mean a board will automatically run smoothly. That is why both the executive and non-executive arms of the boardroom must align to get things done faster and…

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Board Reporting – A Reliable Measure Of Board Effectiveness

board evaluations

Board reporting is a topic that hardly comes up more often in the corporate world. That is understandable, considering it is widely viewed as a “less glamorous” aspect of Corporate Governance. However, the fact remains board reporting plays a crucial role in assessing the effectiveness of any board. This post talks about board reporting, board effectiveness, and the meeting points….

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